Chichen Itza Museum

Chichen Itza both fascinates and intrigues visitors. The archaeological site of this ruined Mayan city remains an enigma to this day. 

People all around the globe flock to this mysterious Chichen Itza to get a glimpse of an old civilization skilled in astronomy and mathematics. 

Whether you buy skip-the-line line tickets to visit Chichen Itza during the day or get the private night tour of Chichen Itza, it will be a memorable visit.

You can read what to expect at Chichen Itza to learn about the amazing experiences in Chichen Itza. 

Those who want to go beyond browsing through the various sites of Chichen Itza and learn about Mayan history can stop by to take a tour of Chichen Itza Museum. 

The Chichen Itza Museum is right outside the entrance of the site. It exhibits Mayan history, culture, and archaeology.

We recommend you stop and browse the various exhibitions; they will give you a perspective and valuable information about Chichen Itza. 

The museum at Chichen Itza has several galleries showcasing aspects of Maya culture, such as art, religion, daily life, mythology, and much more.

Some items featured in the wide range of exhibitions at the Chichen Itza Museum include Mayan pottery, jewelry, and various tools. 

Apart from this, various interactive displays, videos, and other multimedia exhibitions educate and inform visitors about all the facets of Mayan civilization. 

But if you are a true history buff interested in knowing about Chichen Itza in detail, you should go for the guided tour of Chichen Itza

All the true explorers then buy combo tours such as Chichen Itza with the Mayan ruins of Tulum or Chichen Itza Cenote and Ek’Balam tour.

Chichen Itza Gift Shop 

Getting a souvenir is necessary when visiting a unique place such as Chichen Itza. 

All those interested in buying something to remember their Chichen Itza visit can head to the Gift store at Chichen Itza Museum. 

The Chichen Itza museum has a gift shop selling various souvenirs and items related to the Mayans and Chichen Itza.

You can also get some interesting Mayan souvenirs like traditional drinks and hats.

Apart from this, various shops are on the road where your tour bus enters Chichen Itza’s grounds. 

One of the cheapest ways to buy a souvenir is at the Chichen Itza grounds. You can haggle and get a price that fits your budget. 

There will be plenty of pretty and fascinating objects related to the Chichen Itza pyramids and the different aspects of the Mayan culture.  

You can get something fun and quirky and take home things for your friends and family. 

After picking the best souvenirs of your trip from the Chichen Itza gift shop, you are sure to be exhausted.

So, keep your energy high by choosing a tour inclusive of the fantastic array of authentic Mexican cuisines.

Check out the trendy food-inclusive tours of Chichen Itza with lunch, or if you are on a romantic getaway, you must try out the private tour of Chichen Itza at night with cave adventure and dinner.

Don’t worry if you still need to purchase these Chichen Itza tours! 

You can still refuel yourself. Have a look at the Chicken Itza restaurants to have an idea about the places where you can cater to your hunger.


Are there museums in Chichen Itza?

Yes. There is a museum at Chichen Itza archaeological site. The Chichen Itza Museum is located right outside the entrance. 

It is highly recommended that you check out the museum before visiting the site, as it will give much more context. 

Otherwise, you can get a guided tour and visit this after your tour. 

The museum at Chichen Itza has several galleries showcasing Mayan history, culture, and archaeological artifacts.

Name a few Valladolid museums.

Near Chichen Itza, Valladolid makes for a great gem of a place to explore. There are plenty of things to see, including various museums. 

Here are the top 5 museums you can visit in Valladolid- Casa de los Vendos, Museo de Ropa Étnica de México, Choco-Story Valladolid, Muse de San Roque, Galeria Paredes. 

You can explore both Chichen Itza and Valladolid with one ticket if you go for the multiple attractions or combo Chichen Itza tickets.

Is there a new museum planned for Mexico’s ancient Mayan Chichen Itza?

Yes. A new museum is in its early development phase and will be built at the ancient Mayan complex, Chichen Itza. 

It will replace the much smaller structure that closed over a decade ago. The new museum will highlight the Yucatan Peninsula’s latest archaeological discoveries. 

However, it is still in the planning stage, and no final date has been revealed as of yet.

List down the top Chichen Itza museum tickets & passes?

There are currently no museums open at the Chichen Itza site, but there are plenty of Chichen Itza tickets and passes for visitors.

Apart from the classic value-for-money skip-the-line Chichen Itza entry tickets, more premium options such as private early access Chichen Itza tickets are also available. 

You can also pick from the various transfer tours, guided tickets, and adventure tickets that will further elevate your experience. 

Featured Image: Chichenitza.com

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